About us

I am an Electrical engineer but work in the software industry as an Oracle professional. After going through a decade in the IT industry I thought of jotting down the interesting stuff I have come across, the things which I have had to think up and also jot down the things which are just informative and can be reused or provide information to those who need it.

My wife, Mohua, who is an Electronics engineer, also works in IT and is an Oracle professional. She has always encouraged me to document our work in all the projects we have worked, so that everyone can benefit from it. She has co-authored this site.

Our son Aritro has been patient enough, which is out of character for him, as he had to wait many a times for us to finish an article and take him out to play.

We hope you find our site interesting and useful. Do leave your comments. It means a lot to us.

Thanks for reading.


31 thoughts on “About us

  1. Very nice effort. And welcome to the world of Oracle Apps Blogging. Hope to see great articles on the work that you have done in the coming future. All the best!

    Thanks & Regards
    Dibyajyoti Koch

    Posted by Dibyajyoti Koch | March 5, 2012, 11:04 am
  2. Nice efforts, keep it up


    Posted by Amit Chintawar | March 9, 2012, 9:47 am
  3. Nice Blog……………..

    Posted by Raghu | April 17, 2012, 6:15 pm
  4. where should i get the “Oracle XML Gateway Message Designer”

    Posted by Jakir | June 29, 2012, 11:34 am
  5. Hi Abhijit,

    I google something related to auto invoice and your site show up, while going thorugh i see the picture and recongnised u, so how are you guys, can see you have son too.
    where r u, update me..

    Posted by Giresh Singh | October 20, 2012, 12:43 am
  6. yes, that’s correct, you can reach me directly giresh_singh@hotmail.com

    Posted by Giresh | October 26, 2012, 11:22 pm
  7. Hi Abhijit Ray,
    I had small doubt can you tell me the final stage for P2P and O2C cycles please.

    Thanks you,

    Posted by Sreenu | November 19, 2012, 6:41 pm
  8. Hi Abhijit,

    I like the every bit of information here its really very useful. Actually i landed to your site while searching for stuff related to iExpense.

    I am looking for details that when we create expense from UI what are tables which gets updated in the background.

    My requirement is to insert the expense using API or PL/SQL and i was not able to find any API exposed by Oracle for the same like for others, so i believe we may need to write custom pl/sql.


    Posted by Surendra | February 2, 2013, 6:57 am
  9. Hi Abhijit, This site is very very good. This site had all excellent documents.
    Thanks for the wonderful site.

    Posted by Jyothi | February 25, 2013, 3:23 pm
  10. hi,
    I read the “Upload Corporate Credit card transactions for Oracle iExpense”, understand the process a little bit. Is the process will be the same for American Express card? or this “American Express Global Feed Transaction Loader and Validation Program” will be good enough?

    Posted by Karen | March 23, 2013, 1:33 am
  11. Hi,

    Your articles are very helpful for freshers like me.

    Thank you very much keep posting.

    Posted by krish | March 25, 2013, 11:32 pm
  12. Hello Abhijit:
    Thanks for sharing all this information. I have a Benefits question on sending confirmation email during open enrollment. When employee saves his enrollment during open enrollment and clicks on finish button, the user signed in should get an email confirmation. Please let me know how to implement this.
    Kalpana Venkatesh

    Posted by Kalpana Venkatesh | July 9, 2013, 12:18 am
  13. Abhijit:
    Thanks for getting back to me. I will try your resolution.


    Posted by Kalpana Venkatesh | July 9, 2013, 10:16 pm
  14. Thanks Abhijit it is truely big donation for all people

    Posted by Rajesh Pratap Singh | August 13, 2013, 2:08 pm
  15. I want to transact a particular item from particular subinventory in a batch while while item is assigned for many subinventory in R12 ORACLE APPS. How can i do the same

    Posted by Rajesh Pratap Singh | August 13, 2013, 2:10 pm
  16. Hi Abhijit,

    I am regular follower of your site from the day when I found couple of useful customizations like “Internal Requisition through Move orders”.
    Thanks for sharing and Keep continue.


    Posted by gsmy02 | October 20, 2013, 1:17 pm
  17. Thank you for your posting
    very informative

    Posted by ravi | April 16, 2014, 6:34 am
  18. YOu are just amazing, God bless You & your Wife and family

    Posted by MJFAN | April 19, 2014, 1:11 am

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