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AutoInvoice program setup steps in AR

Autoinvoice program is a standard interface provided by Oracle to import Receivables or AR Invoices into Oracle. This interface has got a few setup steps and I have given the forms on which the configurations need to be done.

Define transaction source

Responsibility: Receivables Administrator

Navigation: Setup > Transactions > Sources

Batch Sources tab

The type of the transaction should be Imported as the Autoinvoice program will create the invoice. The field, Reference Field Default Value, should be populated with the interface column value that identifies the invoices uniquely.

Batch Source

AutoInvoice tab

On this tab we are telling what Autoinvoice program should be doing when it encounters the situation of

  1. Invalid Tax Rate: Try to correct the tax rate if the value does not match
  2. Invalid Line: Do not create the invoice if the line is not valid
  3. GL Date in a Closed Period: Do not create the invoice if the GL Date of the invoice to be imported is in a closed period
  4. Grouping Rule: This field is non mandatory. We can mention a different Grouping Rule to be used for the imported invoices of a specific Transaction Source.

Note: Grouping Rule is the rule that Oracle uses to identify which lines in the invoice interface table, RA_INTERFACE_LINES, are part of the same invoice. This is unique to Autoinvoice. This rule is required because for invoice interface there is a single invoice lines interface table instead of header and lines interface tables.

AutoInvoice Options

Customer Information tab

In this tab Oracle is told that the data to be imported will contain the ID values for all the customer related fields, instead of the names.

Customer Information

Accounting Information tab

This tab is similar to the previous tab.

Accounting Information

Setup Transaction type

Navigation: Setup > Transactions > Transaction Types

Transaction Types

On this form various transaction types to be used in Receivables are defined. This is not a mandatory step. We can define our own transaction type and use it for a transaction. This way the settings of a transaction type get passed on to the transaction automatically. You can think of a Transaction Type as a template for a transaction.

Setup System Options

Navigation: Setup > System > System Options

The accounting, tax, tax rules etc. are setup on this form

System Options

This setup in the System Options form applies to the entire module for a particular operating unit.

Setup Autoinvoice Line Ordering Rules

Navigation: Setup Transactions > AutoInvoice > Line Ordering Rules

AutoInvoice Line Ordering Rules

From the entries in this form the Autoinvoice program identifies how it should be ordering the columns mentioned once it imports the invoice.

Setup Grouping Rule

Navigation: Setup > Transactions > AutoInvoice > Grouping Rules

Grouping Rules

The grouping rule is setup in this form. As per the setting in this form Autoinvoice will have to look at interface_line_attribute1..4 columns to indentify whether the lines belong to a single or multiple invoice. E.g. If there are 10 lines in the RA_INTERFACE_LINES table and all 10 lines have the same value for all 4 columns, interface_line_attribute1..4, Autoinvoice will group all the 10 lines into a single invoice. If a single column has a different value then Autoinvoice will not group those lines into 1 invoice.

Setup Descriptive Flexfield segments

Set the Descriptive Flexfield segments for the transaction source. The segments will define the fields that will be read by AutoInvoice program for creating invoices for this transaction source. These fields will have to be populated by the program.

Application: Receivables

Title: Line Transaction Flexfield

You need to enter a code with the same name as the transaction source. In this case it is, PROJECTS INVOICES.

Click on Segments

Add the fields that will be entered in the columns, INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE1 to INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE 15.

Setup Remit-To Addresses

Navigation: Setup > Print > Remit-To Addresses

Remit-To Addresses

Set the remit to address for the country of the operating unit. Set the customer Country in the Receipts From section of this form. The example above indicates that whenever an invoice is created for a customer whose site is in United Arab Emirates (from Receipts From section) then the address above will be applicable.

Run Autoinvoice import program

Responsibility: Receivables responsibility

Navigation: Interfaces > AutoInvoice

Select Autoinvoice Master Program

AutoInvoice Master Program

Enter the parameters,

Autoinvoice parameters

It is mandatory to enter,

Number of Instances (This parameter is for telling Oracle how many threads of Autoinvoice program can run simultaneously)

Invoice Source (This parameter tells Autoinvoice which invoices to import)

Default Date (This parameter tells Autoinvoice the invoice date)

Scroll down in the parameter list

Another mandatory parameter is found,

Base Due Date on Trx Date

More parameters

Click OK and execute Autoinvoice Master Program

After the Autoinvoice program ends you can check the interface errors and the lines which could not be imported

Navigation: Control > AutoInvoice > Interface Lines

AutoInvoice errors

Click Errors to see the error on the line

AutoInvoice error details

The error for the interface line is shown.


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