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Change the default Oracle logo on all OAF pages

Some corporations want to modify the default Oracle logo that appears on top left of the Oracle Apps login page to be modified to their own logo to give a personal touch. I have shown the steps below to implement the solution.
Step 1: Back up the Oracle logo file
The standard Oracle logo on Oracle Apps Self Service and OAF pages is an image file named, FNDSSCORP.gif, in $OA_MEDIA directory in Unix.
Backup this file to FNDSSCORP.gif.bkp
Back up FNDSSCORP.gif
FTP your own image, HTM.gif, file to $OA_MEDIA directory,
Corporate image
Step 2: Modify the profile option value
Login to Oracle
Responsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Profile > System
Query for Profile name: Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications
Corporate branding profile option
Add HTM.GIF at the site level.
Set image name for profile option
Log out of Oracle.
Test the change
Go to the Oracle home page
Oracle home page
After logging in the logo changes to the company logo
After login
Notice that the default Oracle logo is still visible on the Login page. This is because the file name FNDSSCORP.gif is hard coded on the login page by Oracle, in MainLoginPG.xml.
Step 3: Overwrite Oracle logo
To change this, go to Unix and rename HTM.GIF to FNDSSCORP.gif
Overwrite default image
Bounce Apache. The steps for bouncing Apache is given here.
Test the change
Oracle home page now becomes,
Corporate logo on Oracle home page
Now the new image is displayed on the Login page as well.
 As an alternate to overwriting and renaming in the default Oracle logo we can make a change on the AppsLocalLogin.jsp page. This is the Oracle home page and resides at $OA_HTML directory.
  • Login to Unix and go to $OA_HTML directory
  • Take a backup of the AppsLocalLogin.jsp file
  • Copy your own image to $OA_MEDIA directory
  • Edit the AppsLocalLogin.jsp file. Change the line which refers to the corporate branding image, FNDSSCORP.gif,


ImageBean imgBean1 = new ImageBean("/OA_MEDIA/FNDSSCORP.gif", FND_ORACLE_LOGO);


ImageBean imgBean1 = new ImageBean("/OA_MEDIA/", FND_ORACLE_LOGO);

To modify the text, “eBusiness Suite” next to the corporate image you can refer to the other article.

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