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Invoke Discoverer Reports from OAF/Self Service pages

Discoverer reports are generally run from the Discoverer Viewer responsibility given to users. We can create a function on responsibilities so that the users can click on the link from the responsibilities page after logging in, to run the reports. We can add further restrictions on the function to allow the user access to certain reports only. I have illustrated the setup required for it below.
Setup steps
Step 1: Create a Form Function
Responsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Application > Function
Description tab:
Description tab
Enter the following
Function: XX_DISCO_FUN
User Funtion Name: Invoke Web Discoverer
Description: XX Discoverer Reports on the OAF page
Click on Properties tab
Enter SS in Type
Properties tab
Select SSA jsp function
Context: Responsibility
Click on Forms tab
Enter parameters: mode=DISCO
Form tab
Click on Web HTML tab
Enter HTML call= OracleOasis.jsp
Web HTML tab
Save the function
Step 2: Add the function to a menu
Let’s take the menu for EY HR Letters responsibility.
Navigate to Security > Responsibility > Define
Query for EY HR Letters
Note the menu name: EY HR Letter Requests
Now let’s check the menu
Go to Application > Menu
Query for User Menu Name=EY HR Letter Requests
Query menu
 Let’s add a menu item for the form function we created above. The function name should be searched with the user function name.
Menu items
On saving you will get a message for recompiling the menu
Menu compiling
You can check the request status from View > Requests
Compile menu request
The setup is complete. It is better to bounce Apache so that the change is complete. You can view the post on bouncing Apache here.
3. Access the form function from the responsibility
Now let’s check the responsibility, EY HR Letters.
Responsibility list
Notice the new menu Item, Discoverer Menu. Let’s take a closer look,
Menu item on responsibility
Clicking on this menu item will bring up the Discoverer viewer menu,
Discoverer viewer
You will get access to all the reports that have been granted by the Discoverer administrator.
To restrict the form function to run only specific Discoverer reports
The administrator might want to restrict the menu item to a single report. It can be done at the form function itself. Let’s open the form function once more.
Open the function, XX_DISCO_FUN, and go to the form tab. Change the Parameters to, mode=DISCO&viewer=Y&workbook=EY_ANNUAL_LEAVE_TICKET_REPORT
Form tab
Save the changes.
Go back the responsibility, EY HR Letters and click on the menu item, Discoverer Menu.
Menu items
Previously this menu had access to the full list of discoverer reports. Now the same menu item has access to the EY_ANNUAL_LEAVE_TICKET_REPORT only. All menus with this function will be restricted to this report only. Therefore all responsibilities and in turn, the users, will be restricted to this report. To add more specific reports we can add more menu items similarly for other reports.
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